Human Resource Development

Do you wish to train your executive managers and employees? Are you in the process of introducing new human resource development tools to your organisation? Do you need help with planning and implementing professional development measures? Would you like to make sure that your current system meets the challenges of your business environment? I can provide you with across-the-board advising on all aspects of human resource development.

Human resource development focuses on individual learning. But learning is not a linear, input-output process. Whether people actually apply what they learn in their daily routine depends on a variety of factors. The individual must come to a deep understanding and acceptance of the new material, yet also be able to unlearn previous patterns of thought. A successful program requires backing from executive managers and employees, and a commitment to the revision of existing processes, tasks, roles and structures. Sometimes resources have to be reallocated. When human resource development is done right, it “stirs up” things. I am happy to assist you in organising the process productively and efficiently.

From isolated measures to a comprehensive plan

Experience has shown time and again that single off-the-job workshops or seminars are limited in effectiveness. But people are slow to change their ways and demand for these measures is still high – usually motivated by the belief that they can supplement skills and knowledge that are lacking.

I show my clients how to integrate individual measures into a long-term, comprehensive human resource development system. I evaluate their accomplishments so far while identifying hidden strengths and chances for future advancement.

It is important to assess how the components of human resource development within an organisation match up and lead to the desired goal. Trainings and professional development courses for example often can be practically combined with on the job measures such as supervision, coaching and mentoring. Or with self-directed learning, job rotation, learning and quality circles. Interfaces with personnel recruitment or agreements on objectives, feedback or appraisal interviews as well as employee surveys need to be considered, too.

I offer:

  • Advice on how to identify human resource development needs
  • Support with the development of tailor-made strategies for human resource development
  • Masters training in human resource development combined with many years of experience in the field.
  • Twenty years of experience as a trainer and designer of professional development – in five languages and over twenty countries.

I offer training in:

  • Organisational development – accompanying and designing transformation processes
  • Project management
  • Impact surveillance and results-based monitoring
  • Management of co-operational relations and networks
  • Leadership development
  • Team analysis, team work and team building
  • Gender mainstreaming and diversity management
  • Participatory methods for situation analysis, planning and evaluation of projects
  • Strengthening the role and skills of advisors
  • Moderation of meetings and events
  • Presentation techniques, communication and feedback
  • Self-management and time management

My courses are designed to accommodate the professional conditions of all participants. This is a key prerequisite for integrating new knowledge into day-to-day business. Here the maxim is: learning means change, and change means learning.

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