Supervision and Coaching

Are you looking for help building your professional future and achieving your objectives? Are you an executive manager who wants to think through complex decisions and new visions with a reliable partner? Are you experiencing tension with persons in your professional environment and want to find a constructive solution? Does your team require cooperative development for changes up ahead? Would you like to make sound, results-oriented decisions? Do you want to rethink entrenched patterns in your team or with your customers? Are you looking to clarify roles, functions, tasks or responsibilities?

I can advise you on these and related questions in a private, confidential setting. My appraisal fosters understanding and expands your repertoire of strategies, helping you and your organisation grow.

"The human develops by means of you to I" (Martin Buber)

Dialogue, cooperation – these are essential aspects of supervision and coaching. Both parties need to show each other respect. And respect means letting clients find their own solutions. It is not a matter of right or wrong, but of obtaining clarity and receiving scrutiny from multiple vantage points. Clients can then decide for themselves whether they wish to change a course of action or to maintain the status quo. What I do is support them in the process. By offering surprising ideas from a variety of perspectives, I help develop ideas, break new ground and discover hidden potential.

Coaching or Supervision?

The line between coaching and supervision has become increasingly blurry. Practically speaking, both coaches and supervisors advise individuals or groups on how to increase the quality of their day-to-day work. The only difference is that coaching originated as a technique for business managers, while supervision is rooted in social work.

However you call it – coaching, supervision – my consultation is specifically tailored to the concerns and circumstances of my clients. It is important to note that the consultation I provide is not equivalent to counselling or therapy and cannot replace management. Clients are ultimately responsible for their own learning and decisions.

I offer:

  • Years of experience with coaching and supervising individuals, executive managers, teams and groups, often combined with organisational and management consultation.
  • A systemic approach with a variety of context-based methods: sociometry, organisational constellations, playful and enabling methods, elements from psychodrama and transactional analysis.
  • Advice drawn from the quality criteria of the German Association for Supervision (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision) and certified by the German Systemic Society (Systemische Gesellschaft). My work is regularly reviewed in peer consulting groups as well as by control supervisors.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

If you want to talk with me personally, we can schedule an initial consultation. Thereupon a further process with several meetings can evolve. After about five meetings I typically conduct a short evaluation which includes the joint reflection on a potential extension of the process.


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