Organisational Development

Are you implementing a change process in your organisation and are looking for external advice? Are you planning on developing a vision and strategy for your organisation? Are you aiming at optimising your partnership relations? Would you like to review your organisational structures and core processes or reallocate responsibilities? I can advise you in the repositioning or realignment of your organisation.

It’s become common knowledge that organisations are increasingly affected by the escalating pace and complexity of their environments. In the face of these fast-paced changes, both profit and non-profit organisations are constantly under pressure to adapt and develop. The demanding pressure of time when implementing transformation processes leads executive managers to reach for quick fixes and panaceas. Each organisation, however, is unique. It has its own history and culture and needs to account for specific framework conditions.

A change process needs to satisfy these characteristics. Constructive changes are rarely low-hanging fruit, and have to be nourished and developed. Changes hardly ever proceed as planned and harmonious changes are rarer still. Because changes always involve emotions, they can trigger fear and resistance. An effective change process must take the distress and worry of all people concerned seriously and get everyone involved on board. Plus: organisational development can also mean enjoyment, releasing dynamic energies and opening up new horizons for the stakeholders.

How to successfully design the future

A successful organisation always keeps an eye on the future. Actively framing the future requires consistent readjustment of the organisational structure and value chains of an organisation towards the benefit of the customers. Organisations, in fact, tend to be self-absorbed. Ultimately, however, the right to exist for any organisation is based on the value creation and benefit for others. In my consultancy work I always keep an eye on the clients and organisational environment – notwithstanding my interest for organisational culture, communication and coordination, processes and structures.

Tenure and depth of organisational consultancy can be entirely different. I am also offering you short, rapidly effective interventions. Admittedly, the realignment of an organisation is hardly ever completed within a few weeks. Especially when the organisational culture and attitude changes are comprised, a change process will need a sufficient amount of time. I have, for instance, accompanied a large environmental programme for two-and-a-half years until the new structure, newly introduced methods as well as changes in the organisational culture had been truly accepted and “lived”.

How to strengthen potentials for self-organisation

Through my consultancy work I seek to strengthen the will and capacity of acting individuals to take changes in their organisation into their own hand. This creates energy for the transformation process. Executive managers have a key role in this process. A transformation is only successful and sustainable when the leadership supports its implementation in evidence for everyone. Because in situations of radical change employees wish for clarity, reliability and credibility.

The mutual analysis of the current situation of the organisation and its environment is the starting point of every consultancy process. The organisational analysis itself already is an effective intervention that can mobilise energy for the change. In a next step we develop short and medium-term change objectives derived from the organisation’s strategic goals and interests. The “architecture” of the transformation process evolves based on this – the concept that describes the key elements for reaching the objectives. At this stage you also determinate how and with which intensity the external consultancy should professionally accompany the implementation process. This should follow the principle “as much as needed, as little as possible”. That’s because the responsibility for a sustainable and effective transformation should remain with the members of the organisation.

I offer:

  • comprehensive consulting experience in organisational development and change management in Germany and abroad. I have special expertise in organisational development in the areas of education and learning, civil participation, intercultural work, youth and women’s advancement, agriculture and rural development, as well as environmental and resource protection.
  • a systemic consultancy approach combined with the essential principles of organisational development. Depending on the issue and situation, I also apply instruments originating in business administration.
  • a holistic approach that keeps an eye on correlations and combines the consulting areas of organisational development, project management, human resource development and coaching. This contributes towards a healthy balance of soft and hard factors of change processes.
  • exceptional quality work. I guarantee this through professional reflection, varied partnerships and – if required and requested – working in a consultancy team.


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